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Custom Laser Cutting Paper Services and Laser Cut Paper Products
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At Lightwave Laser, our laser-cut products have the ability to transform spaces. We combine clean, nature inspired design with outstanding laser cutting expertise. The result is a unique product which adds elegance and interest to any environment.


Lightwave Laser offers precision artistry in laser-cutting. We primarily serve the hospitality, cabinetry, and residential design industries. Interior designers and architects as well as builders and fine woodworkers find that our beautiful, dramatic and functional laser-cut panels provide custom solutions to their design ideas. We combine unmatched technical ability with contemporary and traditional design. From ambient lighting and room dividing panels, to window and wall coverings-our elegant panels will accent your existing decor, or be an eye-catching focal point offering texture and beauty. 

Our creative department has produced an extensive library of art to choose from, featuring patterns inspired by clean natural lines, as well as dramatic geometry from around the world. We can modify all our products to meet your needs. Whether it be bold graphics or subtle florals, use one of our art patterns or we will help you create your own signature masterpiece. We laser-cut in a variety of materials, including wood and acrylic. We offer several “green” choices. Fine woodworkers may prefer unfinished materials which they can custom stain, while others may prefer to choose from our beautiful finished wood selection.

Our staff will work with you throughout the quoting, proofing, and manufacturing process, helping to create successful projects that exceed all expectations. Many happy clients are testament to our commitment to your absolute satisfaction. Our precision artistry has afforded us the opportunity to work closely with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation as an exclusive licensee for FLW-adapted products.

Our products transform your space with class and distinction. We invite you to visit our website for more in-depth information and to get a head start on your next project!


Lightwave Laser's Custom Paper Division can help you transcend the ordinary. We are more than a production service, we are a design resource and here to help make your next project innovative and successful.

Our goal is to maintain our technological lead through equipment innovation and our ability to work closely with all our clients to help them develop their ideas into successful new products and award winning graphics. We have found that as designers learn more about the process, the creative possibilities and applications expand dramatically.

Our mission is to show how easy it is to add the value and impact of laser cutting to a wide variety of applications such as advertising, stationery and packaging. We have many years of experience in paper product development, packaging design and paper engineering and welcome an opportunity to share our expertise with you. We are eager to answer your questions on...

  • How the equipment and cutting process works
  • How to incorporate laser cutting into a variety of projects
  • How the cost is determined
  • How to prepare final art in a laser-friendly format
  • How to get the most visual impact from your laser art

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